Software package BOCOR

The software package BOCOR (Bayesian testing of Order constraints on CORrelations) can be used for testing hypotheses with order constraints between bivariate correlations in a correlation matrix using the Bayes factor. Information about the statistical methodology and applications of BOCOR in psychological research can be found in the paper below.

BOCOR is licenced under the  GNU General Public License Version >=2. BOCOR (with manual) can be downloaded by clicking the link on the right. If you have any questions about the program please feel free to email me at j [dot] mulder3 [at] tilburguniversity [dot] edu. If you use the software please refer to the references below.

Mulder, J. (2016). Bayes factors for testing order-constrained hypotheses on correlations. Journal of Mathematical Psychology, 72, 104-115.

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